Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

The number of 3D virtual walkthroughs happening monthly has increased 483%.

The first impression of a home often comes from its online listing. The industry leader for immersive, accurate virtual tours is Matterport. Easily accessible through a computer, mobile, or tablet, this superior experience is one of the best ways to market your property with a realistic 360° capture tour.

The new normal for viewing a property is a two-step process, where all potential buyers and tenants are encouraged to take a virtual tour before booking a private viewing. Not only do virtual tours provide the next best thing to visiting a property in person, they carry extra benefits.

Increased commission:
Agents reported 4% – 9% higher sales price for homes marketed with a virtual tour.

Supercharged enquiry levels:
Buyers are 95% more likely to ask about a home for sale that has a virtual tour.

Quicker sales:
Properties with a virtual tour spent 31% less time on the market.

A reduction in unnecessary viewings:
20% of buyers made an offer after just viewing a virtual tour and not visiting the property, saving agents time.

A better Google ranking:
Virtual tours keep people on web pages longer and increase customer engagement when used as part of an online listing – both of which will help your Google ranking.


78% of buyers are taking more virtual tours.

69% of sellers say virtual tours are now a necessity.

78% of buyers say they are choosing to view more properties virtually with 3D tours because of safety concerns.

59% of Baby Boomers report that reducing the number of people visiting their homes was an advantage.

69% of sellers who did not think that virtual tours were a necessity before the COVID-19 pandemic, now feel that they are.

78% of buyers worry photographs are ‘Photoshopped’ or misrepresent the space.

71% of buyers said they would purchase a property sight-unseen.

87% of buyers agreed that virtual tours provide a more accurate representation of a home than photos alone.

83% of sellers now think their home may be more likely to be purchased sight-unseen.

75% of buyers identified the floor plan of the entire home as essential.


Static photos are no longer enough, both sellers and buyers overwhelmingly prefer a more immersive experience with 3D tours.

A Matterport 3D Showcase will also supply you with an interactive dollhouse of your property. You will be able to see the entire floor plan from a whole new perspective.
Matterport’s dollhouse view shows how a property fits together. The inside view lets anyone navigate the space as if they were actually there.
Zoom out and see a 3D digital view of your property and rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. Floors can be selected independently or as one.


Your Matterport Showcase is fully hosted in the cloud and is available through a simple embed code or link. Send the link as your virtual tour, add a button to your listing page or website and embed it onto a web page seamlessly.


Matterport is simple to view and share. Matterport is the industry leader in 3D capture and spatial data and turns a physical space into an immersive digital representation to share with others in 3D. The Matterport scanning technology creates a photo-realistic immersive experience, allowing viewers to visit and explore attractions online as if they had physically stepped inside the property itself. Hotspots can be created that contain extra infromation within the 3D models allowing a truely immersive experience.

Visitors spend 3x – 6x more time engaging with listings that have Matterport.

Properties with Matterport tours receive almost 50% more qualified leads.

Homes sell an average of 10 days faster and for £50,000 more with Matterport walkthroughs

Buyers are 60% more likely to email an estate agent and 95% more likely to call an agent when they see a Matterport virtual tour.

90% say Matterport helps them build a stronger brand in the marketplace.

83% say they are are more competitive because of Matterport.


If you are interested in finding out more about Matterport 3D vitual tours please get in touch.